Strategy in Staging

Success in Selling a home depends on many factors. The way a space is presented at times lies in the details that at first glance, one could hardly notice, but they give a room a cohesive, seamless, and put together feel that makes a home sellable.


Feature 1

The above bedroom was stale and had old blinds. Our strategy here was take down blinds, frame window with rich curtains to showcase the large backyard. Create a light and airy spa feeling room with fluffy light bedding and feather patterned accent pillows. A tray of tea is waiting to set the mood of relaxation. A mirrored cabinet was set to reflect light and create visual appeal with modern black and white art. SUCCESS.


Feature 2

Th above living room had an outdated paint in green. We strategized using neutral tones that created a vibe of earthiness and high design. A dark brown and velvet suede sofa was used with accenting green and white pillows to match the wall purposefully. A white shag rug was used as a neutral platform with nesting round brown tables with rocks and crystals for the earthy vibe. Metal leaf art was used to reflect the earthy feeling from green walls. SUCCESS.


Feature 3

The above living room/dining room was extremely narrow. Our strategy was to keep flow of traffic using length way pieces of furniture keeping a walkway of both sides. A white velvet clean lined sofa was used with a coinciding coffee table to create lightness in the narrow space. A bold rug was used to create appeal and an updated feeling. Cozy masculine patterned pillows were used on the sofa and a lovely masculine horse sculpture. A visual interest in the end of the room with dark blue and white art draw your eye back to he length of the room where matching color shades greet you in the chairs and table settings. SUCCESS.